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Above Ground Pool Installation Cleveland

If you have an above ground pool that you are no longer using that is taking up valuable space in your back yard, then why not give us a call at Top Shelf Junk Removal in Cleveland, OH. The reason that it may still be in your yard is that you are thinking that it will cost too much to have it removed. However, this is simply because you don’t know about our pool removal service.

We offer affordable moving services, which also include removing old, above-ground swimming pools. There is a lot involved in breaking down a pool and disposing of it. However, we suspect that most homeowners know this and that is why they assume that it will be an expensive job to do. We have experienced movers who know how to effectively break down and quickly get rid of your old pool. 

Efficient Above Ground Pool Removal Service

The reason that our movers and provide you with an efficient pool removing service are because they have the necessary experience needed. They are licensed, bonded, and insured and will take full responsibility for the work of breaking down and removing the pool from your property. When they take down the pool, they will do so very carefully, as there are parts of your pool or equipment that you may wish to keep.

It doesn’t matter how many parts there are to your pool, with their level of experience, they can quickly break it down and remove it. Our movers take care of your lawn and will not do anything to cause damages to it while removing your pool. Regardless of the size of your pool, we assure you that we can handle the job, just like we have done for so many before you.

Affordable Pool Removal Service

You won’t find anyone more affordable than we are at Above Ground Pool Removal. We make sure of this because we are prepared to beat anyone else’s prices. You don’t have to assume that no one can handle the job for you at a price that you can afford when we are just a phone call away. We work with you no matter what type of budget you may have set aside to get rid of your above ground pool.

You may have a lot of land that your old pool is taking up. Rather than continuing to sacrifice spending time outdoors because of your pool, why not contact us to find out what we can do to help get rid of your pool. You’re sure to be happy with the final quote that we offer to remove your above ground pool. 

Pools We Remove

There are a variety of above ground pools that we can remove and will require different methods of moving. Our expert movers might be able to remove your pool in one piece. However, it is too large it will need to break down. This is not something that we would expect of our customers, as it is all a part of our total pool removal service. Our trained professionals will work with you no matter the type of pool that you have.

We have one goal in mind when addressing your service needs, to move the entire pool from your yard. Our experts can remove frame pools, hard-sided pools, and ring pools. If you are not sure which type you have, give us a call and we’ll determine which type it is and let you know exactly how we propose to move it. We offer proven effective results! 

Removal Method

Removing an above ground pool does require very specific tools and some understanding of how the pool is constructed. There are things that our experts must consider when removing large pools. This is why it is a good idea to hire someone with a reputation for effectively and carefully removing pools. Just because someone can remove the pool for you doesn’t mean that the process they use will meet with your approval. Here is how we remove your pool.

  1. We disconnect electrical connections
  2. We drain the pool with a submersible pump and remove it away from any foundations
  3. The pool hoses and pumps are disconnected
  4. The pool filter is drained and we remove sand if there is any present
  5. The pool liner is cut into sections so that they can be managed more effectively
  6. We disassemble wall posts that are around the pool
  7. Remove panels.

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